Touchdown in Keflavik!

After a five hour flight (which was 50 minutes early to its destination, thanks to IcelandAir!) we finally touched down in Reykjavik at 6am local time. We were both very tired due to not sleeping very much on the plane, but we passed the time watching “Some Like It Hot” on my laptop. Good ol’ Marilyn Monroe… but I digress!

At around 5am GMT, the sun was shining and we were well above the clouds and I had such an incredible view here.


It wasn’t long before the clouds parted enough for us to finally see land.


Because we were so exhausted, we made a mad rush through border control, customs, the ATM to get 10,000 ISK and then picked up our bags and grabbed our rental car, which is a brand new Suzuki Swift.


We drove straight to our AirBnB in Vesturbær, right by the water in western Reykjavik – the drive was absolutely scenic, about 40km and took us about 30 minutes. We rented an entire house from this incredibly friendly gentleman named Tor right on Hringbraut, one of the major roadways in Reykjavik. With two bedrooms, a full kitchen and a living room, we’re all set for vacation!

Not long after we checked in, we both showered and learned something interesting about Iceland that I will mention in another post that will be put up tomorrow morning (as I am too tired to continue for much longer!) We headed out to Austurvöllur, the main town square in Reykjavik flanked by foreign (to them) restaurants with generic names such as “American Bar” and “English Pub”…?

IMG_0842 IMG_0843

To be continued…

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