Day Three – The Search for Björk

Hi all! Not much happened today, since we were still recovering from an overly active day in Grindavik. We got up late, then went out in search for food. A quick google search of “Cheap eats in Reykjavik” took us to Potturinn og Pannan on Höfuðborgarsvæði in the Hlemmur neighborhood of Reykjavik.


However, once we saw the menu, we quickly determined that it was a bold-faced lie as each meal was in the 2,000 – 3,000 ISK range. (That’s about $15-25 a plate!) Not wanting to give up that much money for lunch, we ended up at a nearby pita restaurant, Pitan. There, a sandwich with fries and soda was a modest 1,450 ISK, give or take. And by god, it was delicious.


We talked it out over lunch and agreed that due to the weather being cold, bitter and windy…


…that we would stay in today. I proposed going grocery shopping at a store we hadn’t been to – one called Bónus, and we would then prepare dinner at home. So off we went…


I was pleasantly surprised at how much more affordable it was over Vi∂ur, a store that was much closer to where we’re staying. I also found it interesting that the boxes of Ritz crackers were also much smaller here than in the US.


And a word of caution: frozen pizzas for 350 ISK is not worth it, though attractive as the price may be. Like I said, nothing terribly exciting, but we needed a day off! I promise things will get much more exciting tomorrow!



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