Day Two – A day of extremes

Good morning, Reykjavik!

Today’s adventure brings us to the incredible folks at 4×4 Adventures Iceland in Grindavik who took us on a mind-blowing two hour ATV tour…


…followed by spelunking in a lava tube. Eep! My anxiety went through the roof here as we’ve had to crawl in very tight spaces in pitch blackness, but it was exhilarating!


And now, after spending three hours on an ATV and climbing through dark holes, it’s time to pamper ourselves. Therefore, we ended up going to the nearby Blue Lagoon, an Iceland landmark.  It’s a large geothermal pool with a spa built around it. Exactly what the doctor ordered!

The fact that it was 42F/6C outside did not deter anyone from jumping into their swimsuits and lounging around the pools! The water was so warm and soothing – if it weren’t for the risk of drowning, I would’ve fallen asleep in there! I also experienced a true Nordic sauna (the one where you pour water over rocks), a steam bath and a silica mud facial. The Blue Lagoon was an incredible experience and I highly recommend it for anyone that goes to Iceland!


We were in a state of complete zen, oblivious to the fact that it was still pretty cold and windy out, waltzing to our rental car wearing just a T-shirt and shorts, our jackets hanging on our arms. I think at that point I realized how exhausted we were, and dreaded the 45km drive back to Reykjavik. I made it safe and sound! We then got some dinner at a burger joint called “The Burger Joint”. Yep..

The last pictures were taken at 9pm. I don’t think I could ever get used to the “midnight sun”!

Good night, Iceland!

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