T Minus 24 Hours

In exactly 24 hours, Chris and I will take off from Newark Liberty, heading to Keflavik Airport in Iceland. I gotta say, I’m pretty jazzed. I’ve been preparing for the trip today. My suitcase is almost fully packed and waiting to be wheeled to the airport. I’ve also fully charged the batteries on my Canon T5i DSLR camera and cleaned all the lenses I have.


As of now, the weather in Reykjavik is a cool 43F/6C. Here’s the official forecast for this coming week!



Looking forward to experiencing so many new things in Iceland, and I also look forward to sharing them with you!


Hello, and welcome!

Hi, everybody! If you’re seeing this, that means you’re seeing our new blog as it develops. The goal is to make use of it as a travel blog from our perspectives, as well as offer some advice and ideas. I’m hoping that it will end up being a useful source for everyone when it comes to planning your next vacation. From now until we leave for Reykjavik, Iceland on 25 May, I will start by posting pictures from either of our past adventures. Please stay tuned, and feel free to comment with any questions or requests for more information and feedback. 🙂

-Craig and Chris