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Originally from Florida, he was transplanted to New York City in mid-2012 before finally settling down in Seattle in 2016. He spends the majority of his time working as a Systems Administrator for for an InfoSec company, but when he can, he lets his hair down (at least, he would if he had any hair) by traveling, meeting new people and experiencing all that life has to offer. His interests include travel, video games, driving and bicycling. He hopes to someday retire in the United Kingdom.




A numismatic Brooklyn native and smart aleck law student, he works his way through law school but sets aside time to pick up on the latest gossip about the monarchies all around the world, read up on European history and plays a video game (or several!). One of the delights when traveling is being able to interact with (and bring home) the various currencies that cross his palms. He usually has an interesting historical tidbit to share, but failing that he makes witty and astute observations about anything.