Day One, continued…

On my last post, we at the main town square in Reykjavik. We walked around a bit and Chris exchanged $100 into krona and we went next door to a local restaurant that serves breakfast. They seem to have an odd fascination with laundromats – in fact they have pictures of various laundromats in Brooklyn all over the walls. It was especially weird for Chris because there was, on the wall, a picture of the very laundromat on his street. “I spent so much money to get away from New York City, and I’m finding it here in Iceland!” to paraphrase him.

What sealed it for him was a bar next door called “Brooklyn Bar”. Sigh!

Afterwards we went for a walk along the northern shore and then headed to the BnB to nap a little bit. After we awoke, we went grocery shopping which was an exercise in culture shock. Bacon was $20 and ground beef was about $25 – such ridiculous prices because they have to be imported from mainland Europe. But I did come across a familiar sight, Heinz Baked Bean(s/z) at 154 ISK a can!

After buying groceries, we had lunch at Sea Baron, a famous local place. I regret to say that we made a mistake here and ordered whale steak (very small pieces) for 350 ISK. While they were delicious, I regret making that choice. Especially when we went next door and saw a pamphlet with facts on whaling in Iceland. It was appalling to say the least… I will never eat whale meat again.

On our way back to the hotel, I happened upon this church in my area.

After that we got back to the house to rest at around 8pm. We woke up at midnight and was greeted by a well-lit scene. Hello, midnight sun!

Our stomachs started rumbling so we went online in search of food. Unlike New York City, everything in Reykjavik basically closes around 10pm. Our research quickly took us to Nonnabiri in the downtown area, which serves sandwiches, burgers and subs. Our food came out to $23 including two cans of Pepsi and a slice of carrot cake. Not bad…

Here is what I’ve learned about Iceland so far:

  1. The Icelanders are very warm and hospitable. Also, they all speak perfect English, even the older ones.
  2. Converting the Krona into US dollars take some getting used to, and my guesstimates are so far off the mark by a few dollars in either direction. I guess in due time, I will get it!
  3. Get used to showers that smell like rotten eggs. Icelanders take their water from volcanic sources, which means that the water is naturally hot and full of sulfur. I have no problems showering in it, but I keep a bottle of water on the sink so that I can brush my teeth without tasting the sulfur.
  4. Iceland barely has any traffic. Even the ring highway is two lanes at some points.
  5. There is nothing on TV here.
  6.  Eating whale is delicious, but a very bad thing to do. 🙁

And now, as it is past 2am here in Reykjavik, it’s time for me to try and sleep! The next blog post will be about Day #2 – Keflavik area and the Blue Lagoon!

Iceland – Day One (Reykjavik) Photos

Here are the pictures from today thus far… I will add comments to them in the morning. 🙂 But for now, I am too sleepy to continue here. Enjoy! 🙂

Iceland 2015 - Day 1 (Reykjavik)

Touchdown in Keflavik!

After a five hour flight (which was 50 minutes early to its destination, thanks to IcelandAir!) we finally touched down in Reykjavik at 6am local time. We were both very tired due to not sleeping very much on the plane, but we passed the time watching “Some Like It Hot” on my laptop. Good ol’ Marilyn Monroe… but I digress!

At around 5am GMT, the sun was shining and we were well above the clouds and I had such an incredible view here.


It wasn’t long before the clouds parted enough for us to finally see land.


Because we were so exhausted, we made a mad rush through border control, customs, the ATM to get 10,000 ISK and then picked up our bags and grabbed our rental car, which is a brand new Suzuki Swift.


We drove straight to our AirBnB in Vesturbær, right by the water in western Reykjavik – the drive was absolutely scenic, about 40km and took us about 30 minutes. We rented an entire house from this incredibly friendly gentleman named Tor right on Hringbraut, one of the major roadways in Reykjavik. With two bedrooms, a full kitchen and a living room, we’re all set for vacation!

Not long after we checked in, we both showered and learned something interesting about Iceland that I will mention in another post that will be put up tomorrow morning (as I am too tired to continue for much longer!) We headed out to Austurvöllur, the main town square in Reykjavik flanked by foreign (to them) restaurants with generic names such as “American Bar” and “English Pub”…?

IMG_0842 IMG_0843

To be continued…

And we’re on the plane!

T minus thirty minutes. Chris and I are on the plane now, absolutely excited about our trip to Iceland! First we headed for the airport thanks to Chris’s mother’s boyfriend giving us a ride to Newark. 


Have passport, will travel  


Chris looking pretty at one of the saddest airport restaurants I’ve had the misfortune of eating at. 


Our plane! 


And here we are in our seats! Catch you all when we land in Reykjavik! 


T Minus 24 Hours

In exactly 24 hours, Chris and I will take off from Newark Liberty, heading to Keflavik Airport in Iceland. I gotta say, I’m pretty jazzed. I’ve been preparing for the trip today. My suitcase is almost fully packed and waiting to be wheeled to the airport. I’ve also fully charged the batteries on my Canon T5i DSLR camera and cleaned all the lenses I have.


As of now, the weather in Reykjavik is a cool 43F/6C. Here’s the official forecast for this coming week!



Looking forward to experiencing so many new things in Iceland, and I also look forward to sharing them with you!


Hello, and welcome!

Hi, everybody! If you’re seeing this, that means you’re seeing our new blog as it develops. The goal is to make use of it as a travel blog from our perspectives, as well as offer some advice and ideas. I’m hoping that it will end up being a useful source for everyone when it comes to planning your next vacation. From now until we leave for Reykjavik, Iceland on 25 May, I will start by posting pictures from either of our past adventures. Please stay tuned, and feel free to comment with any questions or requests for more information and feedback. 🙂

-Craig and Chris